About Us

Spirit First Creatives is a charitable Voluntary sector organisation who use holistic spiritual, creative and engagement tools and expertise to deliver solutions for spiritual development, emotional wellbeing and community cohesion.


Our work  includes creating induvial of group strategies to inspire, enrich, enlighten, encourage and educate participants in order to help them to identity and promote their  potential and spiritual wellbeing. 


Our community particpation engagement  supports clients  develop a positive,  proactive relationship with their own community. 


Our projects include a wide range of expertly selected person- centred creative interventions that offer innovative opportunities for individuals and organisations to be uplifted expired and activated. 


By engaging in any of these opportunities   the spiritual and emotion wellbeing of users will be enhanced. Personal growth, Community participation and self-directed actions are supported by our inspirational toolkits resources an online training. Why do we do this work?