Amal Douglas was born in the UK of Jamaican parents and schooled in the UK until age thirteen when the family returned to Jamaica. After high school, university, working in various family businesses (alternating between shopkeeper, bartender and bus conductor) and time as a very young civil servant, he returned to the UK, worked for a while in the the City (London's financial district).


His first major solo business venture was as a travel and shipping agent in Paddington, and as an entrepreneur he has not looked back since. As an author (Hajj) Amal has written several books including Call of The Twice Removed, written and produced the play Diary of a 'Son of Africa.' and founded of the Open Trade Network.


He is well known business coach and trainer with Olympic Sprint Business Coaching and speaks extensively on issues of gold as currency, fundraising, fair & open trade, zakat & halal trade and supporting small to medium enterprises.



Lorna Campbell is an experienced personal development practitioner, life coach and mentor.


She champions the need for engagement in the spiritual aspects of our lives and is acutely aware of the impact that spirituality can have on our lives.


She loves to see others rise from obscurity, achieve their goal and reach their full potential .



Sula is a Film Programming and Curating student and curatorial programing experience and accomplishment in the area of film.


She has with a background in film festivals, museums, and community arts engagement and participation.

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Carla Campbell is a trained life coach and highly experienced leaner engagement practitioner and visualization expert. Her skills have heled thousands of leaners transform their lives through her vision board and visualization training. She delivers training through her consultancy and organisations.


The Coach Carla Consultancy was founded in 2018 by Carla Campbell, qualified life and visualisation coach.


Carla wanted to ensure her coaching consultancy encapsulated her warmth, passion and genuine desire to see her clients reach their true heights and therefore took the leap and ownership in branding the coaching consultancy after herself. Coach Carla believes that one of the most fundamental aspects of her clients’ journey has to do with the energy and says “the cogs must connect as this in turn creates magic, which enables the client to deliver the best possible results.”

The Coach Carla Consultancy's core values and mission is to Enrich, Enable and Empower. 

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Patricia Wharton has over 30 years’ experience of working with children and families. She has a particular interest in creating leaders and supporting others to pack their parachutes so that they can fly high.

As a trained psychologist she has a therapeutic approach to bringing about change, assisting others to reach their full potential and most of all enjoying the process. 


She delivers parent education programmes and is the founder of Parent Power. She also works with children and young people at risk of social exclusion or children on the waiting list for mental health services. Patricia has a background in senior leadership and continues to support Local Authorities with their Early Help Agenda.

Patricia joined the RSA as a participant of the Citizens Economic Council. She is also featured in ‘The Citizens’ Story - a documentary: engaging citizens in economics’ by Paul Wyatt . Patricia is now a Fellow of the RSA



The founder of You4Us Paula Perry used the difficulties she experienced as a child and young person growing up as the blueprint for what was not going to continue in her life as she focused on moving towards her destiny despite her environment and circumstances. She has broken many cycles within her family and became the first to achieve in areas such as being the first to attend University and obtain a BA Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning, Professional Career, Own Properties and earning over a minimum wage threshold.

“I made a decision that I was not going to live the life that my environment was presenting to me” – Paula Perry

Before setting up her company You4Us, Paula gained over 17 years of extensive experience in economic regeneration. She worked within local government commissioning organisations, developing and managing multi-million pound programmes and projects across London.

For 8 years Paula project managed Youth programmes co-financed with the European Social Fund (ESF), which focused on young offender rehabilitation, young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) and young people at risk of becoming NEET.

During this time she recognised young people and adults received surface level support which did not address the deep rooted issues they faced. This included low aspirations, lack of confidence, feelings of unworthiness which stemmed from cycles of hopelessness within the family environment.

“The trajectory of my life was expected to go down an negative path, but with the right mindset, desire and goals you are able to change that trajectory” – Paula Perry

She began volunteering at her local youth club (which she had also attended) and arranged workshops with the aim of increasing life aspirations, confidence and self-belief. She wanted young people to believe that no matter their circumstances they could achieve their hearts desires by adopting the right mindset.


Through her ability to genuinely relate to their issues, Paula has been successful in reaching the young people she set out to impact by using her own story.

“I’ve witnessed my own 2 daughters grow into confident young ladies and continue the cycle of positivity that I created for them, I made a strategic decision to fill them with daily affirmations alongside a positive examples to follow. As this is what I wish I had as a child” – Paula Perry

You4Us is dedicated to empowering families by creating a domino effect that breaks the negative cycle of generational poverty.



Camille Selvon Abrahams is the Programme Coordinator for Animation Studies at the University of Trinidad and Tobago where she spearheaded the creation of the Diploma in Animation Studies syllabus which has now evolved into a BFA in Digital Media Arts with specialisation in Animation, Game Design or Music Technology.


She has a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication with specialisation in Animation, from Goldsmiths University of London. She is the founding director of the NGO Animae Caribe Animation Festival which is celebrating its 19th year. She recently served as Chairman of FilmTT under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Government of Trinidad & Tobago.


With focus on skills development for animation, game and digital media she recently sat on the panel for the development of the CXC for CAPE Syllabus in Digital Media Studies and Animation and Game Design. In 2016 she spent a month in Jamaica for an intervention project called “New Path’ which used animation in prisons, funded by the Organization of American States through its Department of Public Security in Washington DC.

Together with business partner Jason Lindsay they created the first Caribbean outsourcing animation studio called Full Circle Animation Studio in Trinidad. Creating work for international studios around the world. Awards include the Royal Television Society Student Award 2000 – London UK, Caribbean Tales Innovation in Animation in the Caribbean Award – Toronto Canada, Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival – Pioneer in Film Award 2014 – Trinidad & Tobago and Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Foundation Award for Women in Business.


Over the years she has built up a critical mass of international and regional network of professionals in the industry ranging from, Disney Pixar, EA Games, Toon Boom and Cartoon Network. She has also managed and partnered with regional and international agencies like CARICOM, Caribbean Development Bank, Carib-Export Development Agency, Department of Public Security Secretariat for Multi-dimensional Security, and IADB Inter-American Development Bank Washington DC for strategic support initiatives.